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Freestyle Drive Featuring Rock of Heltah Skeltah

Freestyle Drive Season 3 Episode 9 featuring hip-hop artist Rock of legendary rap groups Heltah Skeltah and Boot Camp Clik. He links up with Lebanese Ether in Brownsville, Brooklyn where they discuss his upbringing in his neighbourhood, being into the arts and music at a young age and how he first started rhyming.

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NyteXing - LET IT GO (DIR. by WeL!veTV)

Check out the latest video from NyteXing for his song Let It Go produced by Jvst X.

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Joel Ibrahim - Dispatch I: Symbiotic

Sometimes dreams feel real. This song is that feeling. The bars are a collection of dream induced musings, the interpretive dance represents the muse. The art of the rhyme puts one on the same plane as all natural processes; we are grounded, one with nature, in a perfect symbiosis. Check out the video for "Dispatch I: Symbiotic".

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minoprophets copy 2

Joel Ibrahim – The Minor Prophets

“The Minor Prophets” is a rare, self-produced project easily considered an audible underground cult classic. The combination of intricately composed & uniquely sampled instrumentals, dark and booming vocals, sharp social & political themes, emotive bars, wordplay & master flow provide a not yet heard of style that will leave you repeating it until you decrypt everything in it.

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phREshologists – Ciphurphace and phdbeats

When the lyrical talent of @Ciphurphace and the skillful beatsmith @phdbeats join forces, they form a powerhouse of intellect, soul and originality. The duo formed in February 2018 with one goal in mind – purveying authentic #HipHopMusic to the masses. On opposite ends of the country, they are currently in the lab working like mad scientists on their debut EP “pH Balance.” 

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Black-D presents Grump Old Men

Check out the new track from Black-D exclusively featuring a list of Cypher Circuit members including Lou Slugga of MLS, Mahtie Bush and produced by Steps Necessary. Available on ALL online platforms.

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