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Can you Murder The Beat? Upload an Instagram video (Monday-Friday) for the chance of a repost on CypherCircuit’s account, plus a possible feature on #InTheCypher with @CoastLoCastro. Hashtag all videos with #MurderTheBeat.

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Coast Talks About In The Cypher

Every Sunday, @CoastLoCastro hosts a podcast that highlights and recaps notable Cypher Circuit happenings and his sarcastic opinions, hilarious stories, and infamous antics about all things hip-hop. Not only do Cypher Circuit supporters have a place to hear about the inner workings of our growing network, but each week notable participants from the previous week’s #MurderTheBeat cypher are given some on-air attention.

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Kalyst - Concealed Change Featuring Ar3a

For some, the pursuit of happiness is against the grain. You don't know why you have the dreams you do. You do, however know that in these cases, it can be a lonely, but a very satisfying road. It wasn't a path when you started, and now it’s YOUR road to self. In Concealed Change, @YourpalKal addresses the confinement that a person can feel when they're choices don't fit in with the other peoples choices. You will be ok alone, but we remind you, you never are alone. Don't run, don't hide. Take it head on, even if you are the only one.

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Freestyle Drive Featuring Fuzzy Beard

Hip Hop artist & educator Fuzzy Beard sits down with Lebanese Ether on Freestyle Drive to discuss his upbringing in the Lower East Side. Only 10 years old Fuzzy Beard has been busy working on his new album "The Notorious Fuzz: Ready to Fly" which he will be dropping soon. The album features the remake of Kendrick Lamar's #Humble which Fuzzy performed on the show. He talks about the work he does with kids in an after school program and why it's important to pay homage to our hip hop forefathers.

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