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Marsten House "Murder The Beat" Cypher Vol.6

So we dropped a couple of these Murder The Beat Cyphers out of order. I think I got the itis from all the cheesesteaks and hoagies I've been eating and just spaced out. I guess this one would actually have been Vol 4 but who cares right? It's out now! Plus you all know the secret of my absence now. Anyway, this little ditty was produced by Millroc!

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Murder The Beat 2 Year Anniversary - Cypher Two

Murder The Beat is back with another raw cypher! Only 2 more MTB cyphers after this one so stay tuned! Produced by Quake Mobb. Featuring: Steve Sxaks, Dirty Needles, V Dot, ATN Prime, Ray Pearson, Cineus, Ill Conscious, Myke Sessionz and Beanz.

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MurderTheBeat 2 Year Anniversary - Cypher One

It’s time. The first cypher (of four) from the MurderTheBeat 2 Year Anniversary at the Marsten House is now available. If you thought Cypher Circuit was just about #MurderTheBeat and rapping on Instagram, we highly encourage you to check out these 11 Cypher Circuit members on a beat by @phdbeats. Rappers: Do you want to spit your bars on one of our cyphers? Producers: Do you want us to use one of your beats? Join the movement today

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Freestyle Drive featuring Coast

Season 3 Episode 3 with hip hop artist and producer Coast LoCastro. Born in the Bronx and raised in Long Island he links up with Lebanese Ether in Queens to talk a little bit about his upbringing, some of his early influences in hip hop and how he first got into the rap game. Signed to a major label Coast tells us the ups and downs of having a record deal.

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Scoob Rock & Soul Theory – Stranded People vol. 3

Check out the new project from Scoob Rock and Soul Theory. “Stranded People vol. 3” just dropped and features artists like Stiz Grimey, Reks and Marv Won. All of the beats were made by Soul Theory with Scoob Rock on the mic, a Swedish/Norwegian duo that started up in since 2006. Listen now on Spotify.

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Raw Wattage – N.E.W.S.

In the current climate of Hip-Hop, MC and DJ duos are few and far between, but Raw Wattage — consisting of P. Watts and DJ FX — has emerged to form an electrifying collaboration. Their self-titled debut “N.E.W.S.” (Not Everyday Words for Society), executive produced by the legendary Large Professor of Main Source, is poised to deliver a mainstay in today and tomorrow’s Hip-Hop ethos.

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