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The Team


MoeKnowsBest - Behind the Scenes

These days it seems like everyone wants the fame without actually doing anything to deserve it. Reality TV has made stars out of nobodies, breeding an "I could be next" mentality among an entire generation. The aftermath: the flood of shameless self-promotion via social media, that is, at best, an illusion of substance. While I am the first to admit that exposure has its value, that exposure means nothing if you don't have the character, talent, drive, and quality work to back it up.

Marsten House

Marsten House - Sound & Video Curators

Marsten House is a Recording Studio located right outside of Philadelphia, PA In Abington. We offer a wide range of services including Audio Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Audio Forensics, Audio Conversion, Voice Over Work, Audio/Digital Audio Production,Various Education Programs, and Video Production. We have a flat rate of $40 an hour for all Audio Recording Projects. We operate 24 hours a day, by appointment only.


Coast - Podcast Host

Every Sunday, actor and rapper extraordinaire Coast Lo Castro highlights and recaps the week's notable Cypher Circuit happenings, amidst his sarcastic opinions, hilarious stories, and infamous antics about all things hip-hop.

412 Kev

412 Kev - Contributor

As someone who has been in love with Hip-Hop since a young age, Kev was the perfect fit to be chosen as the official profile reviewer for Cypher Circuit. His experience includes multiple aspects of the industry including: Tour Management, Artist Development and Concert Promotion, and as a veteran member of the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop scene he rubbed shoulders with those responsible for developing artists like Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. He knows good music and he knows what works.

Nicholas R. Hector, Esq.

Nicholas R. Hector, Esq. - Legal Councel

Every team needs their legal guy, and for Cypher Circuit that guy is Nicholas Hector. His modo is, “Where Digital Media, Technology and the Law Converge.” Nick provides counsel for early-stage multimedia and technology companies with respect to the legal and business issues that accompany a long-term growth strategy.

Amanda Mester

Amanda Mester - Writer

Having interviewed Bahamadia, De La Soul, Elzhi, Mobb Deep, and many others, Amanda Mester - who sometimes uses the pen name Bonita - is an accomplished Hip-Hop journalist whose work with Ambrosia for Heads has been widely acclaimed. A former professor of media criticism and a Fordham graduate, she has been writing for more than a decade and has a resume which belies her 28 years of age. Follower her on Twitter & Instagram @CanEye_KickIt

Bone Intell

Bone Intell - Mixtape DJ

Emcee , hiphop artist / DJ / Producer from NJ