Scoob Rock & Soul Theory – Stranded People vol. 3

Check out the new project from Scoob Rock and Soul Theory. “Stranded People vol. 3” just dropped and features artists like Stiz Grimey, Reks and Marv Won. All of the beats were made by Soul Theory with Scoob Rock on the mic, a Swedish/Norwegian duo that started up in since 2006. Listen now on Spotify.

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Ruff Gewel – Ceaseless prod. by Anno Domini Beats

Ruff Gewel is a 24 year old female rapper from Toronto and this song was her entry for the Best Rapper Alive Contest presented By Anno Domini Beats. This track can be heard on her YouTube Channel as well as her SoundCloud page, where is it also available for a free download.

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Raw Wattage – N.E.W.S.

In the current climate of Hip-Hop, MC and DJ duos are few and far between, but Raw Wattage — consisting of P. Watts and DJ FX — has emerged to form an electrifying collaboration. Their self-titled debut “N.E.W.S.” (Not Everyday Words for Society), executive produced by the legendary Large Professor of Main Source, is poised to deliver a mainstay in today and tomorrow’s Hip-Hop ethos.

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1 Up by The iLLestGamer

1 Up is the iLLestGamer’s introductory and first solo studio recorded album. It’s compiled of his thoughts about the current state of hip-hop, culture, and his demographic. Mixing sounds and references from video games, he tries to combine them with classic and new age sound of hip-hop. Stepping out of the classic 16 bar hook format, 1 Up changes the composition of how the listener hears the music.

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Esteban Solo presents Ban Solo

“Ban Solo” is the debut tape from Esteban Solo — a rapper from the burbs of St. Louis and part of the group Super Stitch’d aka Nu Tang. This project covers his spiritual struggles as he studies theories on creation and what our role is in the cosmos… while he gets stoned. Enjoy.

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Haunted by D. Cure

(GET) OUT NOW! Listen to “Haunted” where D.Cure walks you through an abandoned mansion. Serial Killers, Demons, Ghosts and Goblins await! Can you make it through or will you become their next victim? Listen and see for yourself on

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