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Determined to create music that resonates deep within us all, solo Hip-Hop/Spoken Word artist Ackurate found the courage, strength and sheer-will to overcome the depression that plagued him throughout his youth spent in East Saint Louis, IL. Born in the middle of ’91, growing up he found inspiration through the words of his influences like Mos Def, Elzhi, Pharoahe Monch & many others; Ackurate realized the best way for him to function was to find a way to inspire the people and help them through his words in the same honest, meaningful and memorable ways that he had once needed.

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cyphercircuit 7:11 am - 3 November 2016

Ackurate – We just uploaded a video with step-by-step details for how to update and maintain your Cypher Circuit profile. Please watch this video and check your profile to make sure that everything is set up correctly. Thank you.

Ackurate 11:11 pm - 1 November 2016

Yooo mad love my brotha I truly appreciate that. It’s all for the Culture yo

Ezybeatz 3:03 am - 11 March 2016

You definitely took us back with a pure classic joint for the culture.. Much respect!

Ackurate 3:03 am - 14 March 2016

My brotha, I truly appeciate it. I’m just tryna keep the culture alive and healthy sir. Mad love yo

3:03 pm - 9 March 2016

yo you nice with it Fam this is pure …salute

Ackurate 10:03 pm - 9 March 2016

Yo my dude mad love yo, just wanna keep the culture alive and well ya know

Moe 8:02 pm - 9 February 2016

Ackurate – We just updated this comment section to include a REPLY button. You can now reply to comments directly on a member’s profile. Also, we’ve updated our store If you’re interested in earning residual income by selling (print-on-demand) merch through Cypher Circuit, contact us for more details at:

cyphercircuit 1:12 am - 22 December 2015

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Moe 12:11 am - 17 November 2015

Ackurate – We recently made some modifications to how this comment section works. From now on, you will receive an email notification whenever another member leaves a comment on your page. Remember, CypherCircuit is a site for artists who are just as hungry as you are, so we encourage you to reach out other members to build. #Respect @MoeKnowsBest

Kohn 6:10 pm - 11 October 2015

Project is on point yo I’m rocking with your music!

thethoughthere 6:09 pm - 13 September 2015

Yo Soul Misfit is a great project! Keep it up man, I mess with your style HEAVY. If you’re ever in LA let’s link up and make something awesome.

Moe 9:09 am - 11 September 2015

You should check out the new #MurderTheBeat features we are doing on Instagram. I think you will dig it.

Moe 8:09 pm - 2 September 2015

We would love to get you on a cypher. We currently have a bunch of cyphers already filmed, but we plan to starting filming again sometime around November. When that happens, we will hit you up.

Moe 1:08 am - 10 August 2015

You got it bro! If you ever need anything, feel free to reach out.

Moe 4:07 pm - 22 July 2015

Quick Tip: You can easily visit the profiles of anyone who leaves a comment on your page by clicking their image to the left of the comment. Enjoy ACKURATE!

cyphercircuit 4:07 pm - 22 July 2015

Welcome the CypherCircuit ACKURATE. If you ever have any questions, issues, etc., feel free to hit us up through the contact section, and someone from our team will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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