Carnage The Executioner

Expertise: Producer, Emcee, Beatboxer

Minneapolis, Minnesota

views: 3993

Carnage The Executioner has earned his stripes building an undeniable resumé with frequent Europe & US tours. He delivers an engaging live show that has enabled him to steal the hearts of countless rap fans & otherwise wherever he touches ground. Host of Cypher Circuit's #BeatBoxBlitz competition; Founder of Hecatomb Industries; Marsten House Label artist; Dead Rabbits rap crew affiliate. NEW RELEASES: "The MN Mean Movement" - album / "The Show Saver" - 7-inch vinyl single - out now at

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Carnage The Executioner

Terrell Woods A.K.A. Carnage "The Executioner" is widely recognized for his mind-numbing lyrical dexterity and uncanny ability to compose musical symphonies with his mouth through human beat boxing. His unwavering work ethic, warm personality and kind heart have earned him the respect of many of Independent and commercial music's most reputable artists.

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cyphercircuit 7:11 am - 3 November 2016

Carnage – We just uploaded a video with step-by-step details for how to update and maintain your Cypher Circuit profile. Please watch this video and check your profile to make sure that everything is set up correctly. Thank you.

Moe 8:02 pm - 9 February 2016

Carnage – We just updated this comment section to include a REPLY button. You can now reply to comments directly on a member’s profile. Also, we’ve updated our store If you’re interested in earning residual income by selling (print-on-demand) merch through Cypher Circuit, contact us for more details at:

7:01 pm - 27 January 2016

Minnesota Nice is amazing man and so hyped on all your stuff!!

willyarq 7:01 am - 25 January 2016

Hey Carnage, my name is Willy ARQ, I talked to you on instagram. I have an EP titled “Black Sheep” coming out March 3st of this year. I would love to send you the EP to see what you think about it. Thank you

cyphercircuit 1:12 am - 22 December 2015

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Moe 1:11 am - 17 November 2015

Carnage – We recently made some modifications to how this comment section works. From now on, you will receive an email notification whenever another member leaves a comment on your page. Remember, CypherCircuit is a site for artists who are just as hungry as you are, so we encourage you to reach out other members to build. #Respect @MoeKnowsBest

Kohn 6:09 pm - 30 September 2015

The king of beat boxing himself. Carnage what up!

6:06 pm - 15 June 2015

Carnage CARNAGE 1 take Master! Microphone torcher whack rappa slayer! HECATOMB in this Bitc_!!!!
8 \M/

SaurusK 7:06 pm - 13 June 2015

You’re a beast, man. Happy to be part of the team. Can’t wait to hear what you do on that Heart track

Moe 5:06 am - 12 June 2015

The Cypher Circuit promo team is gearing up to do a huge marketing push in the next coming weeks to promote our members. If you haven’t already, please email a picture to (link available in the contact section) so our design team can create you a custom flyer. Thank you Carnage.

Moe 12:06 am - 2 June 2015

You’re the man! It was an absolute pleasure hanging out with you this weekend, and I am looking forward to the future.

Moe 4:05 am - 19 May 2015

Great conversation on the phone. I look forward to hanging out with you in a couple of weeks. Let’s get it.

Moe 7:05 pm - 5 May 2015

Quick Tip: You can easily visit the profiles of anyone who leaves a comment on your page by clicking their image to the left of the comment. Enjoy Carnage!

cyphercircuit 4:05 am - 5 May 2015

Welcome the CypherCircuit Carnage. If you ever have any questions, issues, etc., feel free to hit us up through the contact section, and someone from our team will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

6:05 am - 2 May 2015

I’m with that all day fam . lets get walker to hook up the beat too , that or we all work on a beat either or lets make it happen 2015

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