David Blade

Expertise: Producer, Emcee, Vocalist, Hip Hop Head (fan)

West Palm Beach, FL

views: 3017

David Blade started rhyming at the age of 16. Growing up during the golden era of hiphop, his top 5 emcees would include Nas, Big Pun, 2Pac, Eminem & DMX. Over the years, he has honed his craft, rocking shows from ATL to NYC and all over South Florida. In 2008, he had stopped making music and was fed up with the direction Hip-Hop was headed. A few years later he began writing again and eventually came across Murder The Beat which reignited that fire to continue chasing his passion. He formed ReVyved with Chris Romero and they're working on their debut album titled Paradigm Shift.

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Intellect 3:03 am - 12 March 2017

One of the dopest lyricists in the Cypher Circuit! I always look forward to hearing you drop some heat each week on Murder The Beat.

cyphercircuit 7:11 am - 3 November 2016

David Blade – We just uploaded a video with step-by-step details for how to update and maintain your Cypher Circuit profile. Please watch this video and check your profile to make sure that everything is set up correctly. Thank you. https://youtu.be/_bO0cYZ-aV8

3:03 pm - 9 March 2016

whats good brethren , keep the blade sharp brother salute

Moe 9:02 pm - 9 February 2016

David – We just updated this comment section to include a REPLY button. You can now reply to comments directly on a member’s profile. Also, we’ve updated our store http://www.cyphercircuit.com/shop. If you’re interested in earning residual income by selling (print-on-demand) merch through Cypher Circuit, contact us for more details at: info@cyphercircuit.com.

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Moe 7:12 am - 19 December 2015

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