Expertise: Emcee, Vocalist, Hip Hop Head (fan)

New York

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I am artist out of Brooklyn, if it's creative I'm in ,share your side of life through art and dreams of tomorrow

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cyphercircuit 6:11 am - 3 November 2016

Ruuu – We just uploaded a video with step-by-step details for how to update and maintain your Cypher Circuit profile. Please watch this video and check your profile to make sure that everything is set up correctly. Thank you.

RUUU 3:11 pm - 10 November 2016

Much Appreciated , I found the video to be informative and easy to follow , Nice Job Moe , it got me set up in no time .Thanks!

Moe 8:08 am - 18 August 2016

Peace RUUU! We want our platform to work for you. Please keep in mind that Cypher Circuit is a tool. You need to “work it” if you want to see results. Here are some tips for becoming a successful member:

1. Participate with #MurderTheBeat (our signature Instagram promotion)
2. Collaborate with other members on projects
3. Connect with @412Kev to get your music listened to and promoted
4. Hit up @Steve_Sxaks to book an appearance on Marsten House cypher
5. Contact with any questions or service requests

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