Carat – KanGo

The rapper on this track did a great job of adapting to the beat’s sonic structure, which made it an enjoyable listen. He seems to really hit his groove in the second half, so I would encourage him to study the things he does with his voice then and consider utilizing that more. I appreciate that there’s no hook on this record, but parts of the storyline are harder to follow than others. I’d like to have a better sense of the song’s theme. #ReviewsByAmanda

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Mega Ran – 10 Gamer Commandments

Biggie covers & tributes are done a lot, but this one was a unique approach that makes it fun. It’s a positive, lighthearted, and humorous record that appeals to a demographic in Hip-Hop not often addressed, which is dope. The commandments themselves are clever, and I think they could benefit from being fleshed out a bit more with some lengthier detail, and maybe even punctuated with a hook for some originality points. #ReviewsByAmanda

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So Sick of the BPM Kings – Toys

I love this beat, and all of its sinister qualities. The slight tempo changes are refreshing and will force any MC to be creative in how they approach their flow. The “you don’t own me” sample sets up the record nicely for some storytelling, and the mix of the drums and piano combine to make this a promising final product. Try dropping the beat a few seconds earlier to show off more of the production’s switchups and gain the ear of hesitant listeners. #ReviewsByAmanda

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iNTELLECT –  Legacy

This is a moving and inspirational homage record, and the energy of the MC turns what could be a really sad topic and energizes it. In some parts, the cadence and delivery felt a bit staccato, which can hinder the flowy, sweeping sound of the beat. Nevertheless, it’s a really pretty song and the singer on the hook is dope. My main piece of advice would be to pay extra attention to details in the vocals to really polish up the song.

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BEANZ – F’in With Me

The sample in this song made me laugh, and by the time the actual song kicked in, I was hooked. BEANZ’s delivery is forceful and well executed, and I found myself eager to hear what she had to say. There were moments when the length of the sample felt a bit long, but generally speaking, it didn’t overpower the lyrical performance, which is what matters most. It’s a braggadocious and aggressive offering, which is really exciting coming from a woman. #ReviewsByAmanda

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Ciphurphace – The Doomsday Doctrine

Everything about this song is memorable. His delivery has a unique and instantly recognizable quality, and the beat’s instrumentation gives me a Jurassic 5 vibe that I like a lot. It felt a little “rappity rap” in places, by which I mean technique, tempo, etc got in the way of narrative, so it was hard to get a solid understanding as to why the song is called the Doomsday Doctrine. But overall, it’s an impressive record that most definitely stood out – a valuable characteristic for an emergent voice. #ReviewsByAmanda

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